1. Terms of the Service

VolaTom is an online platform (“platform”) where registered users (“Customers”) receive a travel counselling service (“Services”) by consultants (“Experts”) about the prices and the travel itinerary available on the Web, in order to answer specific needs required by Customers, relatively to specific and more favorable economic offers.

By using this Platform, You accept the terms and conditions here specified (“Terms”).

These Terms administer Your access and Your use of the Platformservices. VolaTom reserves at any time the right to update or modify these Terms. It is responsibility of the Customers to check this page for possible modifications in the Terms.

2. Services

VolaTomis not a travel agency, it is not intended to sell or buy air tickets. The Experts give exclusively a counselling Service regarding travels, such as, specifically: research and making of travel itinerary, suggestions regarding best available prices to buy tickets from third parties such as: Airline Companies or Travel Agencies; suggestions for frequent flyer programs (miles), Airline companies, airports and destinations. The Experts are available through the Services of the Platform to address the Customer in the procedure to follow, and possible details to complete the purchase of the proposed products.

The material payment of the proposed purchases and proposed flights is not included in the Services offered by VolaTom, with the consequence that it is Customer’s responsibility to proceed to the effective purchase of the proposed products, at the end of the counseling process and the payment of the Commission fee. Additional taxes from the Airline Companies (“Airline Companies”) or from the online/offline travel agencies (“Travel agencies”) used for the purchases, might bear on the products proposed by the Experts.

3. Rates and refunds

VolaTom charges a commission fee for the service rendered (“Commission fee”).

The amount of the Commission fee, set as a flat rate and proposed to the Customer, will depend on the complexity of the itinerary to find, on the cost of the final solution, on the flight class, on the number of travelers and other possible elements taken into consideration to build up the proposed product.

Once the Customer proceeds with the payment of the Commission fee, the latter can be reimbursed only in case the trip solution find by the Expert is not bookable. In this case, the Customer must give in the chat to the Expert, within 1 hour from the last trip solution, a simple image attesting the failed purchase of the flight. The Commission fee for Beat my price requests will be reimbursed if the Expert will not find a trip solution which allows Customer to save at least 25€, and including Commission fee proposal, compared to the price viewed by the Expert at the deal link given by the Customer. However if the Expert propose a trip solution more convenient than the deal offer provided by the Customer (es.: better stopovers, hold luggage included, direct flights, etc.) even with a higher price and the Customer express the will to book the solution in chat room than the Commission fee is not refundable.

4. Best Price Guarantee

Applicable only to Build my trip requests. VolaTom guarantees that the itinerary found by the Expert is the cheapest one. VolaTom will refund the Commission fee proposed by the Expert if the Customer, within 24 hours from the itinerary proposal, will send a mail to tito@volatom.it containing the proof, verifiable, of “the exact same solution” provided by the Expert, at a cheaper price by more than 50€ and bookable directly through an online travel agency.
The mail content must necessarily include the following three elements:
· The username used on VolaTom.
· The screenshoot of the solution found.
· The link of the solution found.

VolaTom will verify the information provided by the Customer and it will answer to the email address.

“The exact same solution” means:
· The same number of segment(s).
· The same flight(s) schedule time.
· The same marked and operated flight(s).
· The same flight(s) date(s).
· The same airport(s).
· The same payment method to book the solution.
· The same payment currency to book the solution.
· The same cancellation policy.

Furthermore it will not be considered valid the solutions provided by the Customer with the above requirements if:
· These solutions are only bookable through a call center or on a travel agency which doesn’t have an online booking system and that doesn’t give an instant confirmation (instant receipt of the PNR and e-tickets).
· The price is reduced by using discount codes, coupon, corporate codes, miles, bulk fare.
· Award ticket(s).

5. Responsability

Under no circumstances VolaTom or the Experts can be considered responsible for: i) any type of problem of the Customer due to the use of the proposed product or the impossibility to use the proposed product for circumstances that do not depend on the Platform (ii) any type of problem arisen from the contracts between the Customer and the Airline Company(ies), Travel agency(ies) or any other third party involved in the sale of air tickets or provider of the transport services.

Neither VolaTom neither the Experts sell or buy travel products and thereby cannot be responsible of the quality and suitability of the products purchased by the Customer.

In any case VolaTom suggests the Customer to buy appropriate insurance for any travel.

6. Use of the Web site

The registered user is responsible for the security and the appropriate use of his/her account. To this aim, he/she must take all possible measures to keep the Username and Password safely, confidentially, appropriately used and not shared with unauthorized persons. If we will have enough information to verify the reporting, we will suspend that account (“BAN”). VolaTom reserves in any moment and without prior notice the right to Ban if the Customer use the Service inappropriately.

7. Warnings for travelers

Neither VolaTom nor Experts are obligated or responsible to provide information about Passports, Visas, Customs and immigration, health or about conflict situations or natural causes of force majeure. Remember that to board you need all the documents required by the law and therefore necessary to the travel as passports, visas, Entry permit, vaccinations etc… The traveler is the only responsible to check Visas and/or other documents for the country(ies) where he will transit(s) or arrive.

If the traveler will not have the necessary documentation, the Airline will negate the boarding and/or the competent authority will negate the entry into the country. In case of negate entry into a country, fines could be apply to the traveler. Any traveler, who travel without Visa, passport or other necessary document, is the only responsible and obliged to pay all the fines and other expenses (included the return ticket) or any other expenses supported or imposed by the airline company or the travel agency. This will happen also if all the necessary documents will not be valid at the airport. VolaTom declines any responsibility in this situation and no compensation, legal expenses, refund or any other expenses will be paid to the Customer.

8. Guarantee

VolaTom and the Experts don’t offer any guarantee that the platform access will be continuous or without interruption. The Customer understands clearly that the Platform usage is at his own risk and discretion.

9. Content

Sending any information (“Content”), as reviews, comments etc…, to VolaTom, is granted to VolaTom a total, non-exclusive, royalty-free, license (the right to give sub-license) to use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, communicate, spread and publish the Content for travel consulting, marketing, sale and data analysis.

Last update 01/07/2018